Trekking in Ladakh, India


Simply one of the most stunning and provocative places I have had the joy of exploring. Returning to Ladakh 27 years after my first visit, I expected nothing more than a few glimpses of the beauty I remembered. On the contrary, it was more interesting and physically stunning nearly 30 years later. Great travel experiences are always a magical blend of beauty, physical demands and mental stimulation, Ladakh' s remoteness and thriving Buddhism easily takes us to this near mythical place. Gordon Janow - Director of Programs

Our two treks in Ladakh are:

The Nomads Trek (12 Days on the trail)

Nubra Valley Trade Routes Trek (6 Days on the trail)

• Trekking in Ladakh
• Cultural Tour in Ladakh
• Rafting trip in Ladakh
• Lodging and Tour in Capital New Delhi

Alpine Ascents is pleased to be offering a series of treks and tours in India's remote Ladakh region. Often known as "Little Tibet" and the "Land Beyond the Passes" Ladakh is a high altitude, snowcapped lunarscape enmeshed in traditional Buddhism that has existed and developed unfettered for centuries. The small villages, often peppered with apricot and other fruit orchards, are the homes for some of the world's great monasteries that lie precariously on rocky outcrops above the towns.

Covering an area of about 60,000 square kilometers and ranging in elevation from 2,600 meters to 7,670 meters, Ladakh is sandwiched between two huge mountain systems: the Karakorams to the north and the Himalayas to the south. Ladakh is the Trans-Himalayan region, the region of impact when the Indian subcontinent collided with the rest of Asia 50 million years ago.

The capital Leh is the central market and primary town, not only offering a staging point for treks and nearby monasteries, but a fascinating destination in its own right, sporting palaces, Buddhist gompa's and curio shops that hearken back to its past as a main trading post and caravanserai. Each of our programs will have visits to the major monastery with outstanding guides, as they share their knowledge of Buddhism, local history and the daily life that has existed for centuries. The villages of Hemis, Alchi and Thikse are the most popular hosts of these great buildings while Stok and Shey lie below the stunning palaces of bygone eras.

Ladakh is one of those curious destinations that offer so much and yet so few travelers make the journey. Once remote and difficult to get to, a 1 hour flight from Delhi, makes Ladakh very accessible.

Our trekking programs will take is unto stunning natural landscapes, endowed with natural beauty and the flourishing flora and fauna of the region. Local animals such as Ibex and Blue Sheep don the trails as our chances our excellent of seeing these mountain animals in the wild. Please see our trekking itineraries below. All trips can also be run at different times on a private basis.

We offer 2 treks in Ladakh both of which include cultural tours while we acclimatize:

Nomads Trek

Trekking is strenuous with 12 days on the trail.  Non-trekking days are spent hiking, rafting and visiting monasteries and cultural sites.

Nubra Valley Trade Routes Trek

Trekking is moderate to strenuous, with 6 days on the trail. Non-trekking days are spent hiking, rafting and visiting monasteries and cultural sites.

The trip is physically demanding but requires no technical experience. Porters and pack animals carry the majority of your gear. The trek is steep in parts but we generally travel unhurried. Pack weight is around 15 pounds. See our training page.

Alpine Ascents in India
All India programs are developed by Gordon Janow our in-house India expert. We are one of the few agencies to offer a highly supported trek. We also access many villages by foot, keeping in line with our desire to offer a unique and remote experience in Ladakh.

About Your Guides
Gordon Janow, Director of Programs has been visiting and writing about India for nearly twenty years. Ladakh is one of his most beloved regions. Alpine Ascents has been leading trips to India for a number of years which have recently been highlighted in National Geographic Adventurer. All trips are led by Gordon Janow or his Indian travel partner, Yatish Bahuguna.

Environmental Responsibility
Alpine Ascents is deeply committed to maintaining ecosystems at home and around the world. With each expedition, trek and course, we not only attempt to leave the environment as we found it, but strive to assist the local population in protecting the land and people indigenous to that region. Alpine Ascents reaches for the highest ethical business practices at home and abroad. Each staff member is dedicated to environmentally sound alpine ascents.

Environmental stewardship remains one of our core values, and we take Leave No Trace ethics and practices seriously. The mountains are our home and we are unwilling to sacrifice their preservation for human objectives. On every one of our courses and climbs, we teach and follow the environmentally appropriate Leave No Trace principles and practices.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship can be seen on our programs around the world. Over the years, with the assistance of our Sherpa teams, we have stepped up efforts to clean Mt. Everest. Our Wag Bag® program made a pioneering step in human waste management for the National Park System and Forest Service in the North Cascades. On Aconcagua and Mount Vinson, we pioneered a waste removal system on our climbs, utilizing the WAG Bag® system. And we continue our maintenance and minimal impact plans wherever we guide. We believe that given the proper information, most people will do all they can to help protect and maintain the environment.

Alpine Ascents is committed to developing safe, self-reliant and environmentally conscious mountaineers.

Private Groups
We regularly organize private climbs for individuals, corporate groups, families and friends. We encourage you to book these climbs early, to help us be better able to fit these climbs to group-specific desires. Contact us to further discuss the benefits of private courses.

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