Alpine Ascents International

General Statement

Celebrating 30 years of operation in 2016, Alpine Ascents International, Inc. is a leader in the climbing industry and has been instrumental in guiding standards in the international climbing community for most of our history. This year, we will operate more than 30 expeditions and 50 training courses in 14 countries, including the Arctic and Antarctic regions. These expeditions range from three-day climbs of Mount Rainier to six-day training courses in the North Cascades and Alaska ascents of Kilimanjaro to three-month expeditions to Mount Everest.

Alpine Ascents has been guiding international expeditions for over a quarter-century. For the last 25 years, twice a year, Alpine Ascents has guided large Himalayan expeditions to include not only Everest, but Cho-Oyu, Shishapangma, Baruntse and others. Since our inception in 1986, Alpine Ascents has established alpine standards throughout the climbing world through its unparalleled ability to guide, train and develop climbers. Alpine Ascents leads expeditions to the highest mountain on all seven continents and has achieved prolific success on our Mt. Everest expeditions (operating regularly since 1992). Alpine Ascents has guided approximately 300 climbers to the summit of Everest, in what likely represents the most guided ascents of the world's highest peak by any guide service. In an effort to continue to explore and share more remote places of the world, expeditions have been developed recently in Bhutan, Iceland, and India. Alpine Ascents' reputation in guiding peaks around the world and training climbers is unsurpassed.

Alpine Ascents has been featured in most major print and media publications, including Turning Point, MSNBC, ABC Nightly News, Travel and Leisure, The New York Times, Outside, Men's Journal, National Geographic, USA Today, 20/20, Dateline, ABC, NBC, Business Week, National Geographic Adventure, Los Angeles Times among others. Our website won a prestigious Webby and our climbs have has been a Best of Travel selection by numerous magazines such as Forbes and National Geographic. In 2012, Travel and Leisure selected Alpine Ascents as one of the Top (40) Adventure Outfitters in the world. We are proud to be the only climbing company chosen! In 2009, Alpine Ascents was honored as one of "The Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth" by National Geographic Adventure.

Our cybercasts from our Mt. Everest climbs, and from other expeditions, are legendary and have become the premier cybercasts/web shows in the travel industry keeping friends and family members up to date of our expeditions.

Working with not-for-profit organizations has enabled Alpine Ascents to participate in local communities and help raise funds and awareness through the achievement of a mountaineering objective. Alpine Ascents also operates, and donates to, the Sherpa Education Fund.

Alpine Ascents' philosophy is based on a true love and understanding of mountain wilderness. Our mission and goals are simple: by using the best climbing talent in the country, we offer the opportunity for climbers at all levels to achieve their personal aspirations through quality, challenging, safe and fun expeditions. Unparalleled mountain adventures are what we do.

At Alpine Ascents, we pride ourselves on the excellence of our safety record. When making decisions or organizing expeditions, safety is our primary focus. By establishing a prevention program, we ensure each expedition and each course is as safe as possible.

As important as the protection of our climbers is the protection of the natural environment. All Alpine Ascents guides are expected to present a balanced philosophy of wilderness ethics through discussions focusing on preservation, appreciation, and enlightened, sensitive use.

In summary, Alpine Ascents International, Inc. is a full-service guiding concern that specializes in organizing international expeditions to the highest peaks in the world. We prepare our climbers thoroughly for the technical and physical challenges of alpine mountaineering. We seek to enhance our clients' appreciation for and sensitivity to the natural environment. And we hope to strengthen our clients' confidence by helping them master the skills they need to approach the high alpine, Arctic and Antarctic environments. Our purpose is to transcend a one-dimensional approach to guiding and to develop safe, satisfying, self-sufficient and environmentally sensitive alpine mountaineers.

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