Alpine Ascents Climbing Expeditions

Climbing Expeditions- 7 Summits - Other Climbs

The Seven Summits - The Highest Mountain on Every Continent

Aconcagua - South America

Carstensz Pyramid
- Oceania

Denali - North America

- Europe

Everest - Asia

Kilimanjaro - Africa

Vinson & The South Pole- Antarctica

Other Climbs

Cho-Oyu - Tibet. Climb one of the 8,000 meter peaks. 6th Highest Mountain in the World.

Ama Dablam - Nepal. Climb the Jewel of the Himalayas.

Island Peak
- Nepal. Perfect Introduction to Himalayan Climbing.

Volcanoes of Ecuador
- Ecuador. Climb the highest peaks in Ecuador - Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Cayambe.

Volcanoes of Mexico
- Mexico. The highest climbable peaks in Mexico.

- Peru. Climb the Highest peak in Peru.

Huayna Potosi
- Bolivia. Climb to 20,000 feet in the climber's paradise.

The Matterhorn
- Switzerland. Climb the signature of the Alps, and the birthplace of guided climbing.

- Greenland. Climb the Highest peaks in Greenland. Possible first ascents.

Mt. Khuiten
- Mongolia. Climb the highest peak in Mongolia.

- Iran. Climb the highest peak in the Alborz Range.

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