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2010 Trekking/Climbing Team Roster

April 20 2010
From the office: We received word from Kathmandu that all climbers returned to Kathmandu and enjoyed their celebratory dinner at the Rum Doodle.

April 16 2010
Hey folks this is Suzanne with the Island Peak crew calling in to let you know that we had a beautiful summit day today, three of us Randall, Dennis and Jim and I and the two climbing Sherpas and a bunch of other folks who were helping us out went up and had a wonderful day.  Jim has had a really bad cough for the last few days which got better with our rest day yesterday but he decided to turn around at 19,550 feet, about 700 feet below the summit, he was pretty darn tired, so he went down and Randall and Deniis and Chewang, the climbing Sherpa who came with us, and I went up to the summit.  Beautiful beautiful, day, really clear, Lhotse right in the background and the clouds decided to wait until we headed down and were significantly below the summit when they decided to come in. 
So we had a great day, made it down uneventfully, and had a nice dinner we are looking forward to some sleep tonight.  This will be the last cybercast for the Island Peak climbers, unless we get delayed in Lukla, in which case we will let you know.  But in any case we expect to be back in Kathmandu in about 3 or 4 days and we’ll look forward to being in touch with you then.  Thanks for tuning in.

April 15, 2010
This is the Island Peak team checking in, we did take a rest day today, it was a beautiful day, nice and sunny day. The coughs that we were waiting to get rid of are pretty well gone so we are looking forward to making a summit attempt very early tomorrow morning. It is snowing just a little bit (… transmission garbled…) We are thinking that the weather pattern looks good and we are looking forward to climbing tomorrow. We will keep you posted, thanks for listening.

April 14, 2010
Hey everybody this is Suzanne with the Island Peak climb. This morning we woke up to a little more snow on the ground but beautiful clear weather again. We hiked up from Chhukhung to Island Peak base camp. It is beautiful here the clouds rolled in (…transmission break…) and we will wait and see if we get more snow tonight, most of it is melting off during the day so it is not a problem at all, it just makes the peaks beautiful. We are going to take a rest day here tomorrow, we have got a couple of coughs and we are going to hang out and try to go for the summit the next day. We are having a great time here but we just want to say that we miss everyone back home, talk to you soon.

April 13, 2010
Hi folks this is Suzanne with the Island Peak climb, this morning we woke up to snow on the ground, the trekkers headed south and the climbers headed east towards Island Peak. Not too much snow, it is a gorgeous, beautiful morning, totally clear not too much snow on the mountains. We headed up to Chhukhung, pretty short walk about two hours and we had the afternoon off, it was nice to be in the warm sunshine, looking at the mountains. The clouds moved back in again this evening and it is currently snowing on my head but hopefully it will be clear again tomorrow morning for a nice hike up to Island Peak base camp. That is about it here, thanks for listening.

April 12, 2010
Hi everyone this is Suzanne with the Everest Base camp/ Island Peak trip, today we had a great day. We got up really early and climbed Kala Pattar which is about 18,400 feet. We had beautiful views of Mount Everest and Lhotse and the mountains surrounding base camp, beautiful clear day, the weather has been really cooperative. After that we returned back to Gorak Shep and head down through Lobuche and back to Dingboche which is close to our earlier camp of Pheriche. The weather closed in a little bit during the afternoon, it was really cloudy and windy, it felt a little bit like the English Moors until the clouds unveiled Ama Dablam before us, just before we reached camp. This will be the last cybercast for the trekkers, they are headed down to Namache and then back to Lukla and Katmandu over the next couple of days. The climbers will head over to Island Peak, so we will keep giving you updates on that. Doug Nichols wife, Ritas birthday is on April 16th and we would like to send happy birthdays from Doug and the rest of the trekkers. Thanks for listening, we will keep you posted.

April 11, 2010
Base Camp! We woke up early this morning, and the clouds from yesterday morning had cleared for another amazing day of weather. The walk to Everest Base Camp is rocky and winding, finding its way through the boulders and rocks and occasional exposed ice of the Khumbu glacier. We arrived in time for an early lunch and were able to appreciate the luxury of the dining tent before going for a short walk to the base of the Khumbu Ice Fall. A few climbers (sherpas?) were navigating the broken ice as we watched. On our way back down we passed the Everest climbers for the final time, giving hugs and wishing them luck and safe passage on their climb. As we head down tomorrow, Jim says hello to the Lyon clan, and Dennis says hello to Brenda. Thanks for listening!

April 10, 2010
Hi folks! Well, here we are in the upper Khumbu, nearing the uppermost point of our trek. Today we walked from Lobuche to Gorak Shep, not a long walk, but we are up at nearly 17,000 feet now and the air is a little thin. We visited the Italian high altitude research center on our way out of town, and found a funny glass pyramid filled with research equipment for physiology and the environment, but little knowledge of what is being discovered - the data is digitally sent to Italy to be analyzed. We had the afternoon off here in Gorak Shep to read and relax, and finished the day with yak steaks and fresh apple slices - what a treat! A few people are feeling the altitude, but continued hydration and a good night's rest should set things straight. Tracie says hello to Richard; to Brooklyn and Kennedy, hello from Papa!

April 9, 2010
Hey everybody this is Suzanne with the Everest Base Camp trek/Island Peak climb. Yesterday we had a rest day down in Pheriche, had some time off, went for a little hike in the morning. Today we hiked up here to Lobuche, not too far, kind of a mellow day, a little bit of up hill, we went up to the end of the glacier and the little town here is right at the glacier. We are above tree line and we are real close in amongst the mountains and now it is starry out but I can see Pumori right behind me and looking up at Nuptse here as well. The stars are just beautiful up here again, there is not much light, it is really clear. That is about it for today, we had a little bit of a rest afternoon, talked about glacier stuff, how they are formed, had a little bit of a rest, played some cards and we are heading to bed now and we will keep you posted, thanks for listening. The team says hello to family and friends.

April 7, 2010
Hi folks this is Suzanne with the Everest Base Camp Trek/Island Peak climb. We are here in Pheriche, we reached here this afternoon. Beautiful weather again, it was a little windy but great views coming up this valley. This morning when we left Deboche a few of us, the trekking group rather, stopped at a nunnery there in Deboche that is much smaller than the big monastery up in Tengboche. Stopped at the Nunnery, saw a more local version of the Monastery and then about half of us went up and got a blessing from Lama Geshe along with some of the climbers from the Everest climbing team. The other half of us had a nice low key stroll on the lower path and made it up here in time for afternoon tea. Today the terrain changed, we got out of the forest and up into the glacier basin; there are no trees up here any more and we really feel like we are in the middle of the mountains. It is a cool change to have all in one day. Right now I am standing out here looking at the stars which are clear as day and looking forward to a nice acclimatization sleep. Tomorrow we are going to take a rest day here Pheriche, just do a little hike in the morning and then take some good rest time. We will keep you posted, thanks for listening.

April 6, 2010
Hey everybody this is Suzanne with the Base Camp - Island Peak Team, we are in Deboche tonight. We woke up today in Khumjung which is just above Namache and a number of us went over to visit the Hillary Hospital, Sir Edmond Hillary, it was built in 1966 to give back to the community here. It is a nice four room stone physicality, really well maintained inside and the doctor there is awesome, he has a good sense of humor and a good head on his shoulders. We got a nice tour there and then spent the day hiking down to the river and then back up the other side to Tengboche, there is a monastery here that serves this region. It is a pretty big monastery and we were able to go inside and listen to the monks chanting awhile and we also visited the eco-cultural museum here, saw a video about the area, it was a nice visit. We checked out the bakery before heading down hill for just a few minutes to Deboche, we are at a really nice place here. We just enjoyed some dinner, a chicken dinner, some folks are out singing their hearts out in the dinning room, hopefully they will go to bed soon. Hope that everything is well at home and thanks for tuning in.

April 5, 2010
We woke up this morning to more amazing views - we have had great weather so far on this trip, and are hoping it will continue.  There is a 6600 meter mountain at the head of the side valley that Thame occupies, and it is framed perfectly by the mountains - what a morning!  A few people took a detour on the way out to see the hydropower plant just below town; it's not very big, but the 250-foot elevation drop means a little water can generate plenty of power.  We had a very pleasant walk back toward Namche, taking an upper fork in the trail to Khumjung instead, a little above Namche at 12,500'.  We were lucky enough to see a mountain goat just below the trail - they're brown here, with longish hair and straight horns, not like our mountain goats at home.  The trail was pretty dusty, but not too steep and of course with great scenery.  Here at Khumjung we had some tea and are enjoying a little free time before dinner, some showers, some reading, some walking around town.  Everyone is doing well and thanks you for tuning in!

April 4, 2010
Hey folks this is Suzanne with the Base Camp trekkers and Island Peak crew, checking in, it is Sunday. Today we walked up from Namche up to Thame which is the home of many of our Sherpas and many other well known Sherpas.  We made it here in time for lunch, we had a beautiful lunch and then afterwards we hiked up to the Thame Buddhist Monastery, tucked into the hillside there at about 13,000 ft.  We got a view up into some of the passes over (…transmission break…).  We got up to the Monastery and one young monk let us in so we could see the beautiful thankas and other decorations and artifacts inside. We didn't find any one else and we were thinking that maybe the decided to go to church for Easter. We looked around here for a while, we came back down for some tea and a wonderful dinner; we had pizza and other delicious things.  Everyone is doing well and we are going to turn in now for some sleep before we had back down tomorrow.  Hope that everyone is doing well back home, thanks for listening.

April 3, 2010
We stayed put today in Namche, taking a day to rest and acclimatize.  After a great pancake and egg breakfast, we went for a morning hike up above Namche, gaining about 1000' to the ridge for our first clear view of the summit of Mount Everest. Sagarmatha is the Nepali name for Mt Everest; it is Chomolungma in Tibetan.  Some of the group continued on a little farther for tea on the porch of a hotel with the same view - wow!  The clouds stayed away and we got to look at Lhotse, Nupse, Ama Dablam, and see the path for our continued trek up the Khumbu Valley.  After Barbara performed a heroic rescue of some nearly-lost sunglasses, we had lunch back at the lodge, and then shopping and internet and rest in the afternoon, letting our bodies adjust to the new altitude.  A traditional dahl bhat (rice and lentils and vegetables) dinner was followed by fried apple rings for dessert - when do you get to eat like this at home?!?

April 2, 2010
Hey everybody this is Suzanne with the Everest Basecamp Trek and Island Peak climbers and we wanted to check in.  We had a nice day today, beautiful day today.  We walked in the Sagarmatha National Park today and up the big hill to Namache, we took it nice and slow and we got our first peak of Everest, through some trees up the valley.  Everyone made it in good form up to Namache Bazaar, nice and slow, adjusting to the altitude.  We had a great dinner her tonight including some chocolate (…transmission garbled…) and everyone is doing well (…transmission garbled…)  So we are headed to bed and then tomorrow we will have an acclimatization day here in Namache and then we will be moving on from here, so thanks for listening and we will check in after the weekend.

April 1, 2010
Hey this is the Suzanne with the Island Peak, Everest Basecamp and the Everest Climbing Team Expedition cybercast update.  We were able to fly in this morning from Katmandu to Lukla in beautiful, perfect weather.  No issues with the flights, everyone and their luggage is here and we had a nice first day of walking.  We are looking forward to climbing the big hill to Namache Bazaar tomorrow and looking forward to updating the cybercast with some photos once we get a good connection at Namache Bazaar.  Thanks everybody for listening and we will talk to you again soon.

March 31, 2010
Hi folks - this is Suzanne with the Everest Base Camp trek.  Today everyone and all the baggage has arrived in Kathmandu, and we're almost ready to head into the mountains!  We went on a tour of the city this morning, saw some beautiful stupas and other interesting landmarks here in Kathmandu.  The afternoon was spent making final preparations and getting a little rest before our flights scheduled for early tomorrow morning.  We had another good thunderstorm this afternoon that cleared the air, so it's looking hopeful that we might fly out of here on time tomorrow morning without any funky weather delays!  Thanks for tuning in.

March 30, 2010
Hi everybody, this is Suzanne with the Everest Base Camp / Island Peak team here in Kathmandu. Most of our trekkers arrived today - we're just waiting for one person and a couple duffel bags that were delayed, but it's looking good that all will be here tomorrow. We talked about what will happen the next couple of days and then went out for a nice dinner nearby. On the walk over, the first rains in two weeks opened up and chased us under some shelter - we waited it out for a little while, but then just took a taxi the last little distance to stay dry. It had stopped by the time we walked back, and we're hoping that will help clear the pollution a little bit for our city tour tomorrow. Most folks are trying to sleep off their jetlag now

2010 Everest Base Camp Trekkers
Barbara Boone –San Diego, CA
Hilary Burton –San Diego, CA
Anita Gray– Seattle, WA
Jennifer Harjes – Flora, MS
Joyce Healy – New York, NY
Juhie Kumar - Great Falls, VA
Brad Myers - Carlsbad, CA
James Doug Nichols - Knoxville, TN
Harris Powers - Greenwood, MS

Island Peak Climbers

Rivers Powers
Jim Lyons
Rand Ercanbrack
Dennis Tweedy

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