(20,310ft/6,190m) Alaska

Denali Overview

  • Stellar Season with 9 of 11 teams summiting in 2015!
  • Alpine Ascents offers both 6 and 9 climber teams offering climbers a choice in the benefits each group size has to offer.
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Why Climb With Us?

  • Alpine Ascents Success on Denali:
    Much of our guiding reputation was forged on Denali. We are an authorized concessionnaire of Denali National Park. Read More

Prices & Schedule

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Former Climbers Say

  • Overall, if you want a good shot at climbing a tough mountain, go with Alpine Ascents. Joe Glickman, New York Times
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Denali: The Challenge

  • Prior climbing experience is required, view our list of prerequisites: Read More
  • Get in shape and physically train for your climb with Our Denali 6 month training regimen.
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Base Camp & Beyond

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A Denali climb begins deep in the heart of the Alaska Mountain Range on the Kahiltna Glacier. From the S.E. Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier we begin the climb of Denali's West Buttress. Base Camp plus five higher camps are established on the mountain. When necessary, the team makes double carries between all camps, except high camp, to ensure proper acclimatization and reduce loads. In each camp we build snow walls for protection from possible high winds. The climb takes approximately 17-18 days round trip from Base and we add an additional four days to allow for inclement weather, acclimatization and optimal summit attempts. The ascent requires intermediate mountaineering skills and is physically and mentally demanding.