Rock Climbing For Mountaineers


Rock Climbing for Mountaineers Course Itinerary

Upon sign up, we will send you our richly detailed, pre-trip information package.

Day 1: We'll do a morning gear check and thoroughly evaluate all of the equipment we'll be using, then drive to the crag we'll be climbing. We will introduce climbing commands, belay techniques, basic knots and hitches, along with developing movement skills on technical rock terrain. In the evening, guides will give a lesson on climbing ratings and talk about climber resources.

Day 2: We'll review knots from the previous day, then learn more kinds of knots and hitches in an application setting at the crag. We will go over building anchors and equalizing them, along with more technical rock climbing. Climbers will learn and practice placing active and passive rock climbing protection, as well as advanced rappelling techniques. These skills will be integrated at the cliff face, allowing us to use them as we would on a mountain climb. In the evening, we'll discuss hazard assessment and risk management.

Day 3: We'll review setting up a top rope. We'll also learn tips for belaying a leader and belaying a climber from above. Guides will also teach how to follow a route that has been led with traditional gear. We will cover gear placement and problem-solving on routes. In the evening, we'll discuss multi-pitch climbing and lead climbing.

Day 4: Climbers will inspect and evaluate gear placements made by the guide. We will practice our rappelling skills on the descent. Guides will find a route that meets every climber's needs.

Day 5: Depending on each climber's goals, we may work on multi-pitch climbing, learning to lead climb, rock rescue techniques, anchor building and top-rope setup.

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